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The purpose of the ‘Archive for Homeopathy’ is to develop a databank that can provide information to anyone who wants to make a contribution to the spreading of homeopathy by lecturing, teaching, research or writings.

The origin of the homeopathic materia medica lies in the observation of the action of substances on the human organism. The clinical confirmation of these observations followed when the remedies were applied in daily practice. From this point the specific areas of action and the characteristic symptoms of the remedies became more distinct. The practical value of the homeopathic materia medica arises from this clinical information.

In order to improve the effectiveness of homeopathy, it is absolutely necessary to collect the results as observed in daily practice. Symptoms that disappear through the use of remedies can give strong indications for the application of a remedy. It is in this way that in the past keynotes were found that we still use today for the confirmation of a prescription.

One will understand that in order to make such a project succeed, the support of a large group of practitioners will be necessary. Therefore we invite everybody to take part in the development of homeopathy by sending in cases with changed or cured symptoms, including the characteristics on which the remedy has been chosen. How this can be done you can find in our protocol.

Distinguishing features of this repertory

The repertory of the Foundation Archive for Homeopathy distinguishes itself in several essential and important aspects from other existing repertories. These will be mentioned and elucidated below.

Remedy grades are calculated by formulas
The grades of the remedies will be determined by using a set of formulas that take into account several factors (the number of confirmations is one factor but not the only one) and are therefore dynamic in nature. This means that as more reliable information is being received by the foundation the grades are instantaneously recalculated. So the grade of a remedy is not based on the opinion of one person and thus fixed for many years (regardless of updated information) but it is up to date information based on all the available and most recent information.

Reliable and scientific procedure
For detailed information, which is the basis of the concerning rubric and grading, will be available and accessible for each remedy. This information will contain the complete cases. The sources are more than a statement of the author or book from which the information has been taken. The emphasis of the source is not on the reputation of the person who put the remedy in a certain rubric but on the quantity and quality of the cured symptoms in the relevant cases. There is no need for a filter because only information that meets with the requirements will be added to the repertory.

Everybody can participate
In principle everybody can participate and everyone can determine to which extent he/she wants to participate. You can decide to submit one case or many, provided that the cases meet with the minimum requirements (which are to make sure the remedy caused the changes with the patient).

The foundation is a non-profit organisation. We try to keep the fees for consulting the repertory (in digital and/or printed form) as low as possible (preferably even free of charge).

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